Mark Harris

“I began my Christian journey alone.  I entered ministry alone, and I battled burnout alone.  It’s not supposed to be that way.”

My passion to journey with leaders flows from my own experience as a leader and from my experience working with leaders in Africa.  In 2009, after 17 years in full time ministry, I found myself feeling distant from God and uncertain of how to reconnect.  Later that year, I heard a speaker talk about intimacy with Christ.  He spoke of journaling and of ways of engaging Scripture.  As I listened, I knew that everything he said was for me.  Putting these tools and others into practice set me on a course for deep connection that resulted in transformation and healing.

Today, my passion is to help others connect deeply with Christ and experience the transformation He desires for them.  I bring to the table 28 years of cross cultural experience, in student ministry and leadership development.  I hold a BS in Industrial Engineering, an M.Div in Christian Education, an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and a certificate in Spiritual Direction.  I currently serve as the Director of Community Life and Formation at East Mountain Capetown.  I offer spiritual direction as a means of helping leaders grow in intimacy with Christ.