The direction relationship is one of mutual trust and faith building.  It provides a space of freedom and safety for the directee to explore and share the journey.  For this reason, I value confidentiality.

I will not reveal the content of our conversations unless required to do so by law.  If I have a legitimate concern of physical or psychological harm by the directee to themselves or others, I must inform the directee of the concern and then convey that concern to the appropriate authority.  There is one exception to this.  For my own development and accountability, I may occasionally discuss our sessions with a supervisor or a supervision group made up of fellow spiritual directors.  The focus of these conversations is on me as a director and not on the directee.  In these sessions, I do not reveal the identity of the directee.  I also limit the amount of detail shared to only what is essential  for understanding the context.  What I share in the course of supervision remains confidential and stays with the supervisors.