His Story, My Voice

My Journey toward Christ-likeness: Embrace, Engage, Encounter, Enjoy

Finding Direction in A National Lockdown

How easily the currents of change and uncertainty sweep us away.  That is, if we are not securely anchored. This morning, day four of lockdown in South Africa, I reflected back over the past two weeks.  From the beginning, when we were first asked by the president to practice social distancing, I said that I […]

Faith, Love, and National Lock-downs

All seems right with the world as I gaze from my window across the vineyard and onto the mountains standing majestic in the distance.  All seems right with the world, except for the absence of cars on the normally busy road dividing the two landscapes.   This is day one of a nationwide lockdown in South […]

COVID-19 and the Light of Glory

As Christians, we are invited to tread in a precarious space, one where we hold realities of the present in tension with hope for the future.

Glorious Gifts

I don’t believe in coincidence. This morning I watched as a Red-knobbed Coot ate lily pads on the pond. Yesterday, beautiful yellow and purple flowers decorated her breakfast table, but today, all that remained were the tasty green leaves. Later, as I continued my walk, I beheld the wonder of a mother springbok standing guard […]

The Opening

Writing has always held great significance for me. I found in it an expression of my true self, even when I had no other expression. I struggled to speak of deep thoughts and emotions. Often, I had no awareness of them locked away deep inside, far from the eyes and ears of the world. Instead, […]

If We Really Knew Him

Growing up, I had a terrible fear of the dark. Back then, we lived in a very safe area. People often left their doors unlocked, even when they went out. In those days, you could leave a package on the seat of your friends unlocked car parked on main street. I don’t know what I […]

Digging Into Community III

Have you ever found your self singing a song that really resonates with you. Deep within your soul, it echoes a silent, reminder, “Someone else has been here. Someone understands.” Growing up, I made my anthem the old Simon and Garfunkel song, “I am a Rock”. I’ve built wallsA fortress deep and mightyThat none may […]

Digging Into Community II

We all long for a space to belong, a place to be known and to know others, a place that feels like home should feel.    I remember from my teen years, wishing for someone to see me and know me as I was, not the masks that I projected. Even in a group, I […]

Breaking Into Community

I often think and read about community. I believe God made it part of His plan from the very beginning. He Himself is perfect community, Father, Son and Spirit living in authentic, loving relationship. United in purpose, each one contributed in creation.(Ge 1:1-3; Jn 1:1-2). God made people in His image (which includes making us […]

The Question of Priorities

I awoke at 11:30pm after having gone to bed less than 2 hour earlier and struggled to get back to sleep. A thousands thoughts raced in my mind: the sermon I need to finish, the gift I need to buy, what words of encouragement I will speak at a 21st birthday party, what I will […]