Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

To journey means to travel from one place to another.  For Believers, journeying means moving forward from where we are in the direction of Christ-likeness (2 Co 3:18, Ro 8:29).

I offer spiritual direction to leaders who long to be who God has made them to be and to do what God has created them to do, coming along side of them on their journey, I offer myself as a non-anxious presence who helps them pay attention to the presence, the work and the word of Christ in their life. 

As we journey, I offer a safe space where they can explore God’s invitations and grow in awareness.  As a fellow journeyer, I help leaders find grace and courage through Jesus, to respond well.

The Approach

In a spiritual direction session, we make space and time (usually about an hour every 3-5 weeks) to pay attention to God together.  It is important for the directee, the person receiving spiritual direction, to come prepared.  They set the direction and get us moving.  That means taking time before the session to pay attention and reflect, asking questions like:

  • What has been going on in my life?
  • What desires have been stirring?
  • How has relationship with God been?
  • What questions have been on my mind?
  • What frustrations have I had?
  • How have I been experiencing God and the world around me?

If they journal, they may want to read back over the past few weeks paying attention to things like themes, patterns and questions that they notice. 

As a director, I listen, both to the directee and to the Spirit.  I also ask questions and perhaps make observations or share thoughts.  I do not try to fix or to solve problems.  My job is to point the directee to Christ and to help them respond well to His leading. 

Are you interested in:

  • Having someone journey with you as you seek God.
  • Hearing God more clearly.
  • Growing in self awareness and God awareness.
  • Following Christ into your story and the places where you often get stuck.
  • Restoring and strengthening the connections lost in the Garden.
  • Living in Christ dependence.
  • Experiencing the transformation and restoration that God longs to bring to your life.

Then, spiritual direction may be for you. If you would like to explore this further, please contact me.

Spiritual Direction Online

 I offer spiritual direction over the internet.  The approach is the same but instead of sitting down face to face, we converse over Zoom or Google.