Mark Harris

I have a passion to journey with leaders who long to be who God has made them to be and to do what God has created them to do. That passion flows from my own experience as a leader and from over 25 years of experience working with leaders in Africa. I am married and have 2 teenage boys. I serve as the Director of Community Life and Formation at East Mountain Capetown, South Africa. I hold a BS in Industrial Engineering, an M.Div in Christian Education, an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and a certificate in Spiritual Direction.

Finding The Way Out

Sometimes life surprises us.  I had just opened my computer and began to type.  Sunlight poured in the windows.  Fresh air circulated through the open door.   I had been reflecting on my wrestling match with God over illness and forced rest.  In that time, I hadn’t been at peace, not even to journal, but […]

A Space to Rest

A Space to Rest

I place great value on personal retreat.  For me, it means making space and time to heed Jesus’ invitation to, “Come away to a solitary place.”  I do this several times a year, often going away for a night or two.   I use the opportunity to pray and listen as I read back through […]

Living in Fear

I know what it means to live in fear.  Not the rational fear, produced by an imminent and visible danger, like when a poisonous serpent slithers up the path in our direction.  We recognize that fear easily enough.  Then, we evaluate.  We decide.  We act.   But, there is another fear.  One that lies under […]

The Wall and Spiritual Intimacy

 At some point, it happens to most of us who are involved in ministry.  We dig into the work, doing our best to faithfully follow the Lord.  Then one day, we look up and find ourselves feeling hopelessly distant from the God that we serve.     For me, it happened around 2009 after fifteen years of […]

What I Wish Every Church Knew

Webster’s dictionary defines radical as favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions or institutions.  When Jesus walked the earth, He walked as a radical.  .  He said things that made people uncomfortable.  He acted in ways that challenged the system, or at least, the common understanding of it.  He did it so much so, […]